Our mission is simple – to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when you’re buying or selling your home.

We Are the Leader in the Home Inspection Business

We offer full home inspections to ascertain the physical specifics of all interior and exterior accessible areas of home. Real estate transactions in the United States typically require some kind of inspection of the premises to get the full specifications for the property before a sale or purchase. If you need your home inspected for any reason, call us. You’ll get your home inspected thoroughly, professionally and best of all, under budget.

Area 5280 is in the business of providing home inspections and use the best technical methods available to provide current and future homeowners a complete and thorough visual noninvasive inspection of the property’s structure, systems and components. It gives customers a detailed look at the health of the home within it’s life span. It is a snapshot of the life of the home, if you will. It is similar to going to the doctor and getting a physical, a few tests, and maybe some lab work and reviewing the medical records to evaluate the findings. In addition to getting a pre-purchase inspection, it is equally important to have current updated information about the home you currently own as to the health and safety to ensure the systems and components of the home are performing in the way in which they were intended.

At area 5280 Home Inspections, we strongly urge our clients to be present during the inspection process, this allows the client to understand what is being documented on the report and why, allowing the opportunity to discuss issues with our clients as they arise. We handle all matters and concerns in a calm, clear and professional manner to insure the client the most accurate information. By in large, most issues are small and we are often able to offer suggestions for repairs of replacement.


Since the early 1970s, real estate buyers in the US started hiring general building contractors to conduct pre-purchase inspections on homes they intended on buying. Today, you have your choice of home inspection services that help mitigate the risk of investment.

Area 5280 Home Inspections was founded by Tony Sutherland, a longtime construction expert and business owner living and working in the Denver area. Thanks to Tony and his team of certified home inspectors, you can rest easy knowing the next investment you make in real estate will be informed and bolstered by the knowledge that your next home is up to your standards.


Tony Sutherland is a seasoned craftsman, remodeling contractor, and home inspector with years of experience. This level of experience allows him to offer a high-quality of service to his customers, whether are buyers or sellers. Since he’s been on all sides of the home improvement industry, he understands how to provide the type of service that exceeds your expectations.

For the last 30 years, he has been building luxury homes in the greater Denver area as well as the surrounding mountain communities. His unique experience in all aspects of interior design and finish work including carpentry, drywall, tile work, and more for residential remodels and additions gives him a first-hand knowledge of what can be viewed as problematic by potential buyers of houses on the market.

Tony is highly involved in his community, and feels that it is important to give back. He has contributed time and manpower during several natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, partnering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and AmeriCorps.